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The TBC Event Committee set out to sell 1000 raffle tickets for the first time EVER, but our Vice President Shari Facchine wasn’t completely sure that we could do it, and in the mid stream of our sales, she said to everyone with 300 tickets still needing to be sold; “I’ll eat my words if you can sell all these tickets.” Well we do not know if that was the inspiration needed, or if it was because the sale was in honor of our late “sister” Lynn Snyder, or all the above? But the job got done, and successfully proud were ALL The LOVE TEAM Volunteers and friends that helped to sell out ALL 1000 tickets for the first time in TBC history! So, it was only appropriate that we allowed Shari to have her “cake and eat it too!”

TBC's Event Committee keep's it's word to TBC Vice President Shari Facchine: "If you sell these tickets, I'll eat my words!" Instead of her words we offered her the remaining 300 SOLD ticket stubs to "eat"! And she wanted ranch dressing with that which we made sure she had too!

Rain Day 2018

TBC joined the July 29, 2018 Rain Day Event with a "mock" Jail to raise funds for our dream facility! Starting us off was State House Rep. Pam Snyder who really "Made It Happen" during her time in "Jail!" All our "inmates", were "jailed" for Loving Animals Too Much! Each "inmate" had to roll the dice to see what their bail would be, then they had to solicit passer's by for their bail money. Each "inmate" did a great job, and the total amount raised for the day was $915.00!! All proceeds were greatly appreciated that went to our building fund!

PA Rep. Pam Snyder & TBC Volunteer Cathy Vrable

Rain Day Queen Candace

EQT Rec. Center Marcy

TBC “Foster Mom” Sheleena

TBC Senior Volunteer Tom & Rain Day-RainDrop!

Our Third Cash Bash in August 2017

PA State Rep. Matthew Dowling

Showing support in joining TBC Corp. for our Annual Cash Bash event! We enjoyed having him with us,
and thank him for his support of our Mission for Fayette & Greene Counites

Group Photo

In Front row: Donna Roberts, Mrs. Mundel, Kim Sage

The Buffet

The food was great, and our Volunteers look wonderful in their new T-shirts!!...


Our Second Cash Bash September 2016

Pa State Rep Pam Snyder

Our volunteers

They all did a great job! They made this event perfect

Our First Cash Bash March 2016

TBC's Got Talent

Our 2013 talent show winner!

Sarah (Taylor) Herring

TBC's Got Talent 2014 Finalists

TBC's Got Talent 2014 Winner

The previous years winner, Sarah Herring, presenting this years winner

TBC's First Volunteer Appretiation Dinner 2016

Our Master's Of ceremonies for the evening

MC Dave Slusarick & Junior MC Braden Demko

Pa State Rep Pam Snyder

We're very grateful for her taking the time to come talk to and recognize our volunteers

Our speaker of the evening

Lucy DeFrank

Other Events

Table Market

Our Diretor of Security- Kim Sage

Table Market

2014 Table Market

Gus's pub 2017

Gus's Pub 2017

Cathy Vrable

Gus's Pub 2017

Cathy Vrable

Our 2016 Car Wash

Carmichaels' 2016 King Coal Parade

Carmichaels' 250th Anniversary 2017

Carmichaels' 250th Anniversary 2017

Selling Flowers for TBC Power!!

Paws for Life 2014

TBC's 2015 Yard Sale