In Memory Of

Charlotte Williams-Newton

Founding Board Member (Former Vice President)

March 25, 2013 - August 25, 2014

Charlotte Williams-Newton had been around Teddy most of his life. Her children and grandchildren had shared in Teddy’s life throughout many family visits, and reunions over the years.  Char was not just Teddy’s great Aunt, but was also Donna, Karen’s, and Brian’s Aunt. Donna’s first cat, Pudgy was given to her by Char in 1970.   Because Char lived with the Roberts family for many years, she knew all too well of the love and support her two nieces felt for furry family members.  Char had a deep love for animals, herself, and had many “babies” of her own as a part of her own family during the years that her children were growing up.   “I have always had a soft spot for my furry friends, especially dogs. Most of my dogs have been rescued/adopted from the shelters, except for Andrew. We had a dog from a neighbor in San Diego when Barb was a baby - he was funny”.   Char was with Teddy and his Mama via phone the last night of Teddy’s life. She had been a part of TBC from the very beginning and had worked on the mission, adding to the structure, had worked constantly with co-Board Members on the outreach to the local community, which included a visit to the PIHT/TBC first annual talent show, worked on marketing ideas, worked on the Teddy Awards, worked very closely with the President of TBC, and fully supported the legacy of Teddy that all animals have the right to the best quality of life through whatever means are possible. While Char visited the local area, she was able to take a tour of WACC, and was very impressed with the hospital and staff, and was very proud to be a part of TBC that supports WACC, where Teddy was cared for in such a respectful way. Char was the Founding Vice President of TBC, and had recently adopted a new member to her family in 2014. “Bama has come into our hearts to not fill the void of the years without Andrew, but he is truly a loving - crazy - funny dog himself.” TBC‘s Founding Vice President, Charlotte Williams-Newton passed away on August 25, 2014.    In short, we remember Char this way:   Along with Donna the two spear-headed the beginning works, and outlined the format of TBC. Char was there in creating the name, to the selecting the founding Board Members, and into the first year of operation. Some of her work included: designing the brochure that has been archived today, assisted with the mission statement, created the certificates for the volunteer work, helped to design the format for the annual talent show, and developed the dream for TBC to one day purchase an emergency vehicle for TBC.   TBC greatly misses Char working with us today and will forever place her in our hearts each time we are able to save a life through the work she accomplished with TBC. As an on-going Memorial in her name TBC will be selecting a volunteer to receive a special award bearing her name as: The Char Newton TBC CARE Award. For this the candidate will have had to bring into TBC the most contributions for that entire year.

Laura Rhea-Novillo

Former Volunteer Coordinator

March 15, 2014 - March 27, 2015

Laura came to TBC as a devoted lover of animals. She  had a very full quiver of furry babies at home: Titan, Buddy, Haven, Scooby, Coco, Nenvah, & Meeka. She learned about TBC from a local TBC table market, and signed up as a volunteer right away. She wanted to do something that would allow her to be a part of an organization that abided by her motto in life: "I love animals, they are precious and deserve attention and love." TBC later welcomed Laura on staff as Volunteer Coordinator. She had a lot of great ideas for her volunteers, and fund raising ideas some of which are still active in TBC today.  On March 27, 2015 Laura passed away suddenly, and the TBC Board or Directors, Staff, and her volunteers greatly miss her.   We remember Laura as a person who had a lot of love to give to the fur-babies that TBC helped. She jumped into the position of Volunteer Coordinator as soon as it became available! She had a lot of ideas, and was looking forward to working closer with the volunteers of TBC. She helped out with the TBC's Got Talent Show 2014, and was always willing to dig in and get dirty with everyone else whenever needed. Laura loved her seven fur-babies, and would always show us pictures of them every chance she could! TBC was given custody of three of her babies after her passing: Titan, Buddy, and Haven. Haven was adopted by one of TBC's volunteers, while Buddy, and Titan at the writing of this are still looking for a forever home. They are being fostered through a TBC private home.   Laura's service was held March 31, 2015, and TBC was honored to be a participant of the service. Laura's name and title was inducted into the private cemetery connected to TBC later in 2015.